John Lewis, I love you.

I visited the Haberdashery section in the John Lewis in The Trafford Centre. If you’ve never been to the Trafford Centre, it’s well worth a visit- Even a £3.30 bus journey from Manchester Piccadilly, it’s worth it. I don’t think I turned one corner in the entire precinct without laughing at the interior decoration, the food hall is a must-see.

Anyway, the John Lewis at least is delightful, but then again- when isn’t John Lewis delightful?
I was going with the intention of buying wool, I’d been generously given a £20 John Lewis voucher for Christmas, and the wool there is one of those things that I can’t justify buying unless it’s a treat for myself. It’s all fairly priced, I’m just quite cheap. A £1 ball of acrylic from my local Sewcraft has to do me.

My purchases:

That’s 6 balls of Wendy Fusion, 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic. It’s a variegated yarn, a mix of greys, purples and pinks. I wasn’t sure about it- Although I love pink and grey together, I do claim to hate purple in most forms. As far as I can see, wearing purple either makes you look like an old woman or a goth, and as I am neither I tend to steer clear. However this time I felt I could just get away with it- and what is life without a gamble?

The book you see I picked up for a £2.85 steal. It’s Country Escape, a book of 15 patterns for Rowan’s Country wool. I probably won’t use Rowan Country if I make something from it, for expense reasons, (I did the maths, and needing 13 balls of Rowan Country the jumper would set me back £61 – it’s 100% wool) but I really do hope I can find the time to make something from it. The pattern that caught my eye, and led me to buy the book was Aoife:

Look at it! Look at the collar! Look at the mix of garter and stockinette stitch! This must be mine. I’m even going to grow my bob back for it, now that is dedication.

The rest of the patterns can be found here, at English Yarns.

I haven’t got enough Wendy Fusion to make Aoife, but I don’t think I’d want it in those colours anyway. I’m thinking maybe a dark green or brown. I have got a project in mind for my Wendy Fusion but I’m keeping it schtum in case my amazing ability to ruin absolutely everything comes into play on this project and the promises I’ve made simply can’t be kept.


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One Response to “John Lewis, I love you.”

  1. Loraine Says:

    The wool is gorgeous and I LOVE that cardigan. Thanks for the links!

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