OMG! This took ages.

It’s my friend’s 19th Birthday this weekend, or at least his birthday celebration. I’m never sure when people’s actual birthdays are.
Anyway this particular friend reads PopJustice as though it were the bible, and when they recently changed their rating system, he told me that it reminded him of me. I can’t remember what it was like before, but now if something’s really rather good, they put this graphic up: And apparently that’s a phrase I use a lot.

So, what else could I make him?

I fabric painted the background, but thought that if I stencilled the rest it’d take foreeeever and it’d be much quicker to stitch. I, of course, was wrong, but I only found this out when it was too late.

Here are some detail shots of my chain stitching:

I know there’s a blob missing in the blue area, I’m going to sort that out soon. I just have to find my fabric paints. I’ll go look for them and my fur jacket. But the fur jacket is another story for another day.

The Verdict

The T-shirt was opened with much joy, I think the phrase being used was “OH MY GOD, THAT’S AMAZING!” (we just can’t help ourselves) and then was worn worryingly enough for a few days running. My only hope is that it survives the washing machine (Should it ever get that far.)

And here’s the happy owner, watching Frank Sidebottom.


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